Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter

  • Material: metal + braid
  • length: 12cm; Weight: 6g
  • Audio plug: 3.5mm
  • Microphone: support.
  • wire control: support wire control

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In a world where high-quality audio is paramount, the Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter stands out as a top-tier solution for all your audio needs. This compact and efficient converter is designed to deliver superior sound quality, making it an essential accessory for modern devices that lack a traditional 3.5mm audio jack.

Key Features of the Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter

1. Premium Material Construction

The Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter is crafted from a combination of metal and braided materials. This ensures not only durability but also a sleek and stylish appearance. The metal casing protects the converter from wear and tear, while the braided cable adds flexibility and strength, preventing tangles and breaks.

2. Compact and Lightweight Design

Measuring just 12cm in length and weighing only 8g, the Hoco LS36 is incredibly portable. Its compact size allows you to easily carry it in your pocket or bag, making it a convenient accessory for on-the-go use. Despite its small size, this audio converter packs a punch in terms of performance and reliability.

3. Versatile Audio Plug

The Hoco LS36 features a 3.5mm audio plug, making it compatible with a wide range of headphones, speakers, and microphones. This versatility ensures that you can connect your favorite audio devices to your Type-C enabled gadgets, enhancing your audio experience without any hassle.

4. Microphone Support

One of the standout features of the Hoco LS36 is its support for microphones. This makes it an excellent choice for gamers, podcasters, and professionals who need clear and crisp voice input. Whether you are conducting online meetings, recording podcasts, or chatting with friends during a gaming session, this audio converter ensures your voice is heard loud and clear.

5. Wire Control Support

The Hoco LS36 also supports wire control, adding another layer of convenience. This feature allows you to control volume levels, play or pause music, and answer calls directly from the connected headset. This makes it incredibly user-friendly and enhances your overall audio experience.

Benefits of Using the Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter

  • Durable and Reliable: Made from metal and braided materials, the Hoco LS36 is built to last, providing you with a reliable audio solution.
  • Portability: Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to carry around, ensuring you can enjoy high-quality audio wherever you go.
  • Wide Compatibility: The 3.5mm audio plug ensures compatibility with a vast range of devices, from headphones and speakers to microphones.
  • Enhanced Audio Quality: By supporting microphones and wire control, the Hoco LS36 enhances both audio output and input, making it perfect for various applications.
  • User-Friendly: The plug-and-play design ensures easy setup and use, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy.

How to Use the Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter

  1. Connect the Type-C End: Plug the Type-C end of the Hoco LS36 into an available Type-C port on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  2. Attach Your Audio Device: Insert the 3.5mm audio plug into your headphones, speakers, or microphone.
  3. Configure Settings: If necessary, adjust your device’s audio settings to recognize the Hoco LS36 as the primary audio input and output device.
  4. Enjoy Enhanced Audio: Start enjoying improved audio quality, whether you are listening to music, watching videos, or participating in online calls.

Why Choose the Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter?

Opting for the Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter means choosing a product that combines durability, portability, and superior performance. Its high-quality construction, compact design, and versatile features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their audio experience. Whether for professional use or personal enjoyment, the Hoco LS36 delivers clear, crisp sound and reliable performance.


The Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter is a must-have accessory for anyone who values high-quality audio. Its robust construction, wide compatibility, and user-friendly features make it an invaluable addition to your tech arsenal. Invest in the Hoco LS36 today and experience the difference in your audio quality and performance.

With the Hoco LS36 Fresh Digital Type-C to 3.5 Audio Converter, you are guaranteed a seamless and enjoyable audio experience, regardless of the device you use. This converter is the perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability, making it the ideal choice for all your audio needs.

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